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HOEREV Men’s Super Soft Modal Spandex Harem Yoga/ Pilates Pants,Black,Large

Pinned on November 10, 2019 at 10:04 pm by Deana Boyland

HOEREV Men’s Super Soft Modal Spandex Harem Yoga/ Pilates Pants,Black,Large

Wear this popular trend to work out or chill out in total comfort and style. Perfect for events like parties, meditation or massage sessions, beach bumming, yoga, pilates, or dance practice and aerobics. Excellent for times when loose and comfortable is a must like at night or when you are dressing for two!
Material: 95% Modal, 5% Nylon
XS: WaistLine: 62cm-120cm(24.49inches-47.24 foot), Pant Length: 103cm(40.55inches)
S: WaistLine: 62cm-120cm(24.49inches-47.24inches), Pant Length: 108cm(42.52inches)
M: WaistLine: 62cm-120cm(24.49inches-47.24inches), Pant Length: 113cm(44.49inches)
L: WaistLine: 62cm-120cm(24.49inches-47.24inches), Pant Length:118cm (46.45inches)

Note: Wash separately, machine wash delicate cycle or hand wash, drip dry.


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We only charge base shipfee each shipment, So you could order more style or color from us.

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Super soft

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Getting your ommmm on.

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Best pants ever.

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